Dorothea Salo


Will I speak for you?

I have spoken nationally and internationally on scholarly communication, research-data management, open access, institutional repositories, usability and design, and copyright. My goal is to send listeners home with actionable information they will remember and put to immediate use.

I work hard to be an enthusiastic, engaging, and enjoyable speaker. Topics are always negotiable; my best talks have been those that sent me out on a limb! Let’s talk about your event.

Selected talks

2013 commencement address for the UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies: We Aim to Misbehave

Turning Collection Development Inside Out

Full presentation list

Speaking arrangements

I am not picky about most travel arrangements; coach airfare and economy hotels are just fine. When left to my own devices to make arrangements, you can trust that I will pick the least expensive option consonant with sanity. I don’t mind driving, but you may wish to be aware that I don’t own a car. (Mileage reimbursement has worked out perfectly well for car rental in the past, however.)

I am ovo-lacto vegetarian: no meat and no fish, please, but eggs and dairy are fine. Thanks in advance for your consideration!