I regularly speak for varied audiences on:

  • LIS education
  • scholarly communication, open access
  • digital preservation
  • research-data management
  • libraries and digital privacy
  • linked data, metadata, the Semantic Web

Let’s talk about your event. Topics are always negotiable; my best talks have sent me out on a limb! I am also a Digital Public Library of America Community Rep, happy to speak about DPLA at Upper Midwest events, or any other event I am already attending.

I do insist that your conference have a credible Code of Conduct before I can accept an invitation to speak. If you need a code to adopt or adapt, ALA has one, as do the code4lib conference and the Digital Library Federation. Thank you for understanding.

Examples of my talks

For a full list of keynotes, invited talks, and other presentations, see my About/CV page.

I have edited a selection of my talk scripts from 2005–2015 into Born to the Purple Squirrel. Slidedecks, often with talk notes, are available from SlideShare (older decks) and SpeakerDeck (newer decks).

2013 commencement address for the UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies: We Aim to Misbehave

Speaking arrangements

I am not picky about most travel arrangements; coach airfare and economy hotels are just fine. You can trust that I will pick the least expensive travel option consonant with sanity.

I am ovo-lacto vegetarian: no meat and no fish, please, but eggs and dairy are fine. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Interested in having me speak?