Discovering Standards: Introduction

This was another favor for a friend, campus colleague Barry Radler, who put together the North American Data Documentation Initiative (NADDI) conference in Madison in 2015. I have a soft spot for shoestring conferences as well as friends, so I cheerfully agreed to anchor the conference’s second day.

This talk elaborates on some of the themes from “Soylent Semantic Web Is People,” and in turn has provided themes for further elaboration in newer talks of mine. Not uncommonly, this process of elaboration is how my thoughts evolve.

A note to librarians: This presentation uses “MARC” inaccurately; many of the issues it attributes to MARC are actually issues with AACR2r and ISBD(G). Given the mostly non-librarian audience, I didn’t want to confuse the issue and bog down the flow of the presentation by explaining the entire standards constellation around library records. Please forgive the resulting inexactness.