Triumph, RomAn-21-style

It is pretty nice to see librarians step up. That’s what just happened with our good buddy RA21. The chariot awaits, everybody. Climb in!

But I’ll be the whisperer behind the chariot: This probably isn’t over. I mean, RA21 will certainly go back to the drawing board, and a fittingly-embarrassed NISO will be at least a tiny bit more careful not to be so obviously vendor-captured next time…

… but the STM Association is a hard nut to crack. I’ve tangled with them before, and watched others tangle with them as well. They’re persistent, they don’t subscribe to library ethics, and they use every dirty trick in the book and a few outside it.

I’m less worried than I was, since my chief fear was that the STM Association with NISO as convenient clueless patsy would sneak RA21 past libraries unopposed. I’m now confident that won’t happen. What will happen is hard to guess—the standards space is labyrinthine and the STM Association knows it pretty well, so finding or even making another, quieter patsy is hardly off the table. We’ll just have to wait and see.