I’d be happy to consult for you! Here’s what I know:

Library privacy

How do we best protect our patrons from surveillance assessment and surveillance capitalism, never mind the privacy threats we inherited from our forebears? I don’t have all the answers—who does?—but I’m happy to start you thinking productively about it.

Audiovisual digitization and digital-data rescue

Many cultural-heritage organizations have collections of at-risk audio, video, and digital media. I have built cost-effective systems to digitize the most commonly-encountered audio and video media, and rescue data from commonly-encountered digital media.

I would be happy to help you build exactly the system you need! I can also help you vet outsourcing partners, write digitization or rescue specifications/standards, and document systems and workflows.


Is standard professional development not moving your organization as far as it needs to move? I’m happy to be your sounding board and planning advisor.

Let me know how I can help. Email me at dorothea at