Turning Collection Development Inside-Out: Introduction

I never gave this talk live. I wrote it for Ontario Library Association’s annual conference in 2011, but a Midwest blizzard shuttered airports, preventing me from arriving on time. I did manage to make the technology-trends panel I was also scheduled for, at least. I made it into a screencast as the best alternative I had.

So much has happened with trade and academic publishing since I wrote this talk that it probably feels the quaintest and most out-of-date of anything in this book. Ah, well. If I could foretell the future I’d be terribly bored.

The “inside-out” formulation of collection development developed legs, however, most notably in the work of OCLC’s Lorcan Dempsey. As best I can tell, this was a case of parallel evolution; I don’t remember reading or hearing the phrase anywhere before I used it, and I certainly have no reason to think anyone in particular learned it off me.